Road Planer Hire

Our fast and convenient road planers are high performance machine that tackles road surfaces with ease. Whether you’re looking to remove partial bits of pavement, or lift up whole asphalted areas, our planers are a great option. It is economic in terms of how fast it tackles spaces, which allows our clients jobs to be completed efficiently.

We work closely with all main contractors and carry out advance programming to ensure that schemes are completed within their individual contract constraints and deadlines.
We can handle and dispose of large and small quantities of asphalt planings, including tar bound hazardous waste.

With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and resources to meet a wide range of planing requirements and work with all our clients and supply partners to find the best solution possible to meeting their requirements.

Our Fleet Of Road Planers

Ross Archer Transport run a road planer division in Worcester with a wide variety of equipment available. Our fleet of road planers include:

350 Planers – Ideal for small jobs, including foot paths, trenches and cutting joints on the end of big planing jobs

1 Metre Planers – Ideal for patching, aswell as larger jobs including Roads, Motorways, Car Parks etc

2 Metre Planers – Ideal for larger jobs including whole roads, Dual Carraiage ways, Motorways and Run ways.

Our fleet of 1m wide planers, when coupled with tippers and plant trailers, provides a highly manoeuvrable high output planing resource.

For more informaion on our road planer services, contact Ross Archer Transport on 01386 550 315 or email We’re here to help you get the job done right.